Dengie Hundred Pool League
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General Stuff Match Start Times Matches must commence at 8:30PM even if the whole team has not yet arrived so as to ensure that matches finish at a reasonable time, if a Team is unable to start before 8:45PM without the prior and mutual agreement with the opposite team, then the Team failing to start will be deemed to have forfeited the match unless by mutual agreement between both Team Captains. Missed Games & Cancellations If a team fails to turn up they will receive a penalty of a 5 point deduction. However, we all want all of the games to be played so the captains should arrange the game to be re-scheduled. We would hope that this resolves all cases of no-shows. The organising team will mediate if necessary. In the unlikely event that this cannot be resolved, if the team that did not turn up does not agree to reschedule they will be excluded from the league. If the exclusion happens after the first half of the season (when the excluded team has played all of the other teams once) then the results for the first half only will stand. If the exclusion happens before that point then all of the results involving the excluded team will be removed. Registering Results A text message should be sent by the home captain to Tim Wharton on (07957 294404) on the Monday evening or Tuesday so that the results can get updated quickly on the web site. The Text should state: - Home captains name - Home team & score - Away team & score - Team of winning Captain’s game After the first game’s results have been sent from each captain (when the captains mobile numbers are known) a short version can be sent in the form “home score, away score, home captain result” e.g. 91W, indicating the results was a 9-1 home win and the home captain won or 28L (home team lost 8-2 and the home captain lost).
Other Stuff This is your league and your website, if there is anything you would like to see added, changed (or removed!) then please drop the commitee a note to  If you have any questions or queries, always best to email the organising commitee at
Week 22 (29th Feb) Results are now Online - AC Cup The Final is now available and can be found on the AC Cup page. - Singles & Doubles & Presentation Night 2016 Singles and Doubles Finals will take place on June 13th at Con Club Burnham. The Pool Presentation Night will take place on Saturday July 16th at Blackwater Bar, there will be a DJ & BBQ. - Summer League Any teams wishing to participate in a Summer League, please contact Tim Wharton via TXT on 07957 294464, will be played from Mid-June. Interested So Far: Burnham Yacht Club (new team) St.Lawrence (new team) Oaklands White Horse Cap N Feathers Queens Head Red Lion Curlew Blackwater Bistro
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