Dengie Hundred Pool League Welcome Announcements General Stuff Match Start Times Matches must commence at 8:30PM even if the whole team has not yet arrived so as to ensure that matches finish at a reasonable time, if a Team is unable to start before 8:45PM without the prior and mutual agreement with the opposite team, then the Team failing to start will be deemed to have forfeited the match unless by mutual agreement between both Team Captains. Missed Games & Cancellations Insufficient players is ‘not’ a valid reason to cancel a match if you only have 4 players then you play with 4 players. Games should only be postponed by mutual agreement between both Team Captains and under extenuating/extreme circumstances. If a team fails to appear or no agreement is reached, then the ‘Let Down’ team will be awarded an automatic Win and maximum points of 12, the failing to appear team will automatically Lose and score ero points for that match. Results & Disputes Results to be Submitted within 48hrs by the Home Captain, preferably by email to or using the online form on the website, or of you really cannot send by email or web form, you can call The Red Lion, Latchingdon on 01621 740298, leave a message, and please ensure you include your name and the venue you represent and all score details including the Captains game result. Results will be posted online as soon as they have all (most) been received for the previous match. Any disputes to the results must be submitted preferably via or to the The Red Lion, Latchingdon by calling 01621 740298 with full details, and preferably before the following Monday and the dispute will be decided following discussion with both Teams Captains, if no mutual agreement can be reached, the dispute can be held over to the next AGM. Most common disputes Naming The Black Pocket YOU MUST NAME THE POCKET AND IT MUST BE HEARD BY YOUR OPPONENTS Calling a Free Ball YOU MUST CALL A FREE BALL AND IT MUST BE HEARD BY YOUR OPPONENTS Other Stuff This is your league and your website, if there is anything you would like to see added, changed (or removed!) then please drop me a note to  If you have any questions or queries, always best to email me at AGM 2015 Monday August 31st 2015 @ Red Lion Latchingdon from 8:30PM Teams wishing to register for the 2015 - 2016 Season should ensure that they have a representative in attendance with the £20 registration fee. Any AGM proposals for consideration should be submitted  before 31st August to, and if I get them in time, I will post them online for others to see and have a think about, I will also soon (later this week) be adding a discusson page, so proposals can be discussed online. There is also an AGM Page where I will list all proposals I receive, and any other relevant information ralating to AGM. We can accept proposals on the night, but they will not get as much of an proper airing, so best to formulate your proposal and get it to me for dissemination as soon as possible. - FINAL LEAGUE 2014 > 2015 RESULTS OUTSTANDING Division 1 Week 2 - Giraffes vs. Blackwater Bistro “DISPUTED RESULT” Division 2 Week 22 - Blackwater Bar vs. Cap n Feathers