Dengie Hundred Pool League Contacts General Enquiries - or you can call 01621 772216 Send Match Results (within 48 hours please) - if you do not have access to email, you can use this online FORM. Site maintained and run by Nigel Smee (Red Lion @ Latchingdon) on behalf of DHPL Information FINAL LEAGUE RESULTS ARE NOW ONLINE CATER CUP Draw for the Cater Cup now available, select “Cater Cup Fixtures” from the Menu above SINGLES & DOUBLES TOURNAMENT DRAW NOW AVAILABLE, Select from Menu above. Matches will be best of 7 Frames, and will be a 1 Match Knockout being played at the locale of the first name drawn (no Home & Away). Matches can be played on any day by arranging it between the players themselves, there is a 2 week timeframe for each round, dates on the Fixtures Pages, but start from next Monday 7th April for the First Prelim rounds. The host player (first name drawn) will be provided with the contact details their opponent to arrange the match, and results should be called through to the Kings Head in the normal way. Rule Clarifications  If the Black Ball is potted from the Break, regardless of any other balls going down (incl. White) the frame is re-  racked.  There is no official time limit for a shot, however, the league would ask all teams to use common sense, and if a team  believes that a player or players are taking far too long to play their shots, then the Captains should have a quite word  with each other and if in agreement, ask the player/players to pick up the pace.  Match Start Times  Matches must commence at 08:30PM even if the whole team has not yet arrived so as to ensure that matches finish at  a reasonable time, if a Team is unable to start before 08:45PM without the prior and mutual agreement with the  opposite team, then the Team failing to start will be deemed to have forfeited the match unless by mutual agreement  between both Team Captains.  Missed Games & Cancellations  Insufficient players is not a valid reason to cancel a match if you only have 4 players then you play with 4 players.  Games should only be postponed by mutual agreement between both Team Captains and under extenuating/extreme  circumstances.  Results & Disputes  Results to be Submitted within 48hrs by the Home Captain, both by calling the Kings Head, Southminster on 01621  772216 and by email to or using the online form on the website  Any disputes to the results must be submitted to the Kings Head, Southminster by calling 01621 772216 or via preferably before the following Monday and will be decided following discussion with both Teams  Captains.